The world is full of noise.

Thus, to be heard your message has to be short, compact, emotional and audiovisually strong.
It also has to work in mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

We create motion graphics, animation and music to help deliver your message!
Tel: +358 40 4827161

Uses for our services:

  • Sales videos and infomercials
  • Logo animation: Your logo, animated with style
  • Internal communication and training videos
  • Communicating your values, strategy and vision
  • Presenting your company: Animation for in-house tv, booth, demo, website and social
  • For your event: brand animation, motion graphics and infomercials
  • Animated infographics for in-house tv, presentations, website and social
  • Seasonal videos and greetings
  • Story-driven animations
  • Soundscapes, background music, intros and theme songs
  • Your music: Loopable background music, custom-made for you. To be used with your video & audio publications, in store, radio ad, website, podcast

We make every project with big heart and professional workmanship!

Our prices are very competitive. They are based on the complexity and production style of the project.

Ask us for a quote! We'd love to tell you more.


Showroom - see our works!


We created these two loveable goofballs for Normiputki 🙂
This was a complete production, where we did everything in-house at Skou Design - including all of the voice acting and theme music!

 Visualised data

Examples of data visualisation. These we did for ProCom.

Our Christmas video ad

Have you thought about campaigns and greetings for Christmas already?

CDY: Don't pay the tax bear too much

Animated graphics and a smokey bassline tell the story of a tax bear who is greedy for honey.

Wishing you an exciting new year

Our n​ew year's greeting is a combination of unique fireworks and unexpected twists!

SLO: Seasonal greetings

Snowy animation that gets more peaceful once the lights are lit. Made for SLO Estonia in-house tv.

RuisRock 2011 aftermovie

We created the music for this official aftermovie of the 2011 RuisRock festival. Video by Toni Koskinen.

Presenting Skou Design

This one with smooth music and narration. Other versions and their effect on the message can be found at CASE: Why video & audio?