Presenting Skou Design

Our specialties are video production, music production, motion graphics and animation.
Our mode of operation is collaborative networking: if there's something we can't deliver by ourselves, we'll collaborate with the right partners.
Our mission is to help you rise above the noise. To be seen and heard with emotional impact.

We are a small and nimble studio with headquarters in Finland, a short distance from Helsinki. We currently operate in these regions:
Finland (Helsinki area)
Portugal (Algarve area)

We are fully equipped to do business remotely as well.

Our services
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Looking forward to helping deliver your message!

Markus Åberg 
owner, Skou Design
partner, Tulosviestintä Leif Åberg Oy
+358 40 4827161 (International & Finland)
930607510 (Portugal, Algarve)

Skou Design is an auxiliary business of Tulosviestintä Leif Åberg Oy
Leif Åberg (Professor, organisational communications) is our strategic advisor.