CASE: Impact of video, audio, and narration on a message.

Using our video as an example, we’ll compare the differences that video, audio and narration have on the delivery and emotional impact of a message.

We start with text-only and go all the way to animation with different musical and narrative styles. See, hear, and feel the difference!

Welcome to the journey!



Here we have a compact description about our company:

Our specialties are music production, motion graphics and animation.

Our mode of operation is collaborative networking: if we can’t deliver by ourselves, we’ll collaborate.

Our mission is to help you rise above the noise. To be seen and heard with emotional impact.

All is fine reading through such a short bit of text, but does it leave a memory imprint or a positive impression on the visitor? If you have long text descriptions on your platform, you can add boredom and loss of interest to the list of unwelcome effects.


Video animation:

Now we add animation to the message:

Notice the difference in impression and impact, compared to text-only?

Next we demonstrate how adding sound increases engagement.


Video and background sound:

Here we add a simple background sound to the video. The purpose is to demonstrate the additional impact and feeling that you experience when you add another sense (hearing) to receiving the message!

Even a simple sound, properly chosen, can trigger highly emotional responses.


Video, strong music, and narration:

Now we add music and narration to the message:

Cool! We created some rock music and coupled it with strong narration to give the message confidence and energy.
The key of the song changes upwards twice to create excitement and to support the ‘rise above the noise’ part of the message. Intensity of the music grows as the video progresses.


Video, smooth music, and narration:

Now observe the difference that a change in style makes

Same message, completely different emotion and vibe!
Here we created mellower music that is creative, inspiring and less pointing. Note that we also had to change the tone of the narration, not only the music!


Looking back on this journey, we hope that you observed the difference in emotion and engagement all these elements brought.

Message is important. Delivery is crucial.

We rest our case 🙂



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